3 ways for you to benefit from Analytics

Laying The Foundations

KWANTYX takes care of your online data collection, data integrity, and reliability using Google Tag Manager. We also take care of your Google Analytics optimal configurations. We monitor everything throughout the year to make sure nothing compromise the results on which you make important decisions.

Answering Your Questions

Our analyses will bring answers to your important questions, so that you will finally be able to draw conclusions from all those hypotheses you have had for years. Let us bring our diagnosis on your Marketing data, and show you where new value lies.

Continuous Analyses

We become your true “in-house” analysts thanks to our flexible, simple, and no-surprise plans. KWANTYX acts as your own Marketing Analytics resources, immediately giving you access to high-level expertise, which would be hard and take a long time to hire. We have 3 plans, based on your activitiy volume.

Let Analytics Make You Successful

You will find in KWANTYX a key partner to your online business success. Your customer data are a precious asset; with our help, you will make that asset an important factor of new value creation. Whether you wish to increase your sales, lower your costs, improve client loyalty, or increase the profitability your campaigns, KWANTYX will contribute the full force of its analytics imagination to the success of your projects.

Analytics is all we do. We’re not after your promotion or content development budgets. Our clients love our impartial inputs, and the fresh look we bring to the table. Rest assured; we much prefer to announce good news than bad one, but, we will tell it like it is. We will not pretend that Analytics is a marvelous thing that will make you super successful within a few months. Business is much too hard to be that easy. However, we will show you what an amazing weapon Analytics is, and how much you need it in today’s hyper competitive world.

Customers are ruthless. It is very hard to make them care about what you offer; to make them fill out that form, buy that product, subscribe to that service. You need to study and understand how they behave, what their deep motivations are, how they react to your campaigns and content, and what you need to change to seduce them. It is a hard, intense, but so very rewarding job. Let KWANTYX show you how.

For you, we find value.

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