Knowledge, Uncertainty, and Ideology in Digital Analytics

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(First published in the WAO/FACTOR Newsletter in September 2012) I know. The title of my article this month sounds very much academic. Don’t worry; it isn’t. Not that I do not have that kind of ambition. I have always been attracted by academia, but I most certainly do not pretend having the essential qualities for … Continued

Is Jack Really All Work and No Play?

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(First published in the WAO/FACTOR Newsletter, April 2012) Critical thinking, the kind that looks at the obvious while still questioning it, certainly constitutes one of the most important attributes an analyst should possess and hone.  As much as curiosity stands at the pole position of analytical qualities, consistently forcing the mind to ask “Why?”, critical … Continued

Der Himmel über Berlin – Account of X Change Europe 1st Edition

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Here I am, back from Berlin, after what was I think a great first edition for X Change in Europe. I just read Gary Angel’s account, which is quite on the money; Gary’s firm, Semphonic, was the conference main organizer. I thought the general atmosphere was excellent, and particularly interesting with people from a wider … Continued