Opening the Treasure Chest – The True Purpose of Analytics

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This is probably the 907th article about Analytics you have read this month. Not all, but certainly the vast majority of them are most probably about how darn fantastic data and analytics are, and that you should do it, and that you should become a data-driven company, etc. Very few of them will simply state … Continued

Beyond the Optimization Loop

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(First published in the WAO/FACTOR newsletter in August 2013) Quite a lot of Digital Analytics, and plain Analytics for that matter, is about optimization. I mean by optimization the whole set of activities, with analytics and testing at their foundation, done in order to improve the ratio of X doing Y. The most typical manifestation … Continued

About Some Digital Analytics Presentations

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Recently, I decided to make available some of my presentations about various Digital Analytics questions. I spend a LOT of time thinking and writing about analytics in order to improve myself as a consultant, and making you profit from those efforts along the way! My pleasure. You should download the presentation(s) you are interested in, … Continued

X Change 2011: A Superb Edition

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September brought my annual pilgrimage to California where I have been attending the X Change Web Analytics Conference since 2007 (except for 2009 when I had to go to Paris to launch my book). If you ever heard of that conference, but never attended, you probably already know how so very well participants are treated. … Continued

How to Talk to Executives and Make Web Analytics Relevant

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Ah! You will excuse me for promoting myself again. I just did not want you to miss the webcast I will be doing next week, sponsored by Webtrends. I will talk about how to make Web Analytics more relevant to Executives at your company, and, hopefully, make your life easier. You can register here. I … Continued